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We have been featured elsewhere, in many travel guides, web sites, and in various books about our island - Karpathos.

We are quite proud of the following publication, because the picture they featured is from Galileo. That's Billy glued on PC4 - not anymore!

Cyber Week Magazine, Greece. Internet Cafe - for coffee and surfing.  July 26, 2000. pp 16

Translated ... the comment below the pic reads "Internet Caffe in Karpathos? True. It is called Caffe Galileo Internet 2000 and it's like a bar, a really happening bar!"

If you look closely we are the only caffe without hours of operation, lol!


If you see us anywhere else, please let us know about it.




Galileo's Annual Tavli Champions
STYX aka Vasilis Moustakakis
STYX aka Vasilis Moustakakis
AFRICA aka Nick Kritsiotis


Our Tavli Tournaments start in the fall with approx. 20 participants. All are welcome to join.



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